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Our background is in retail sector workforce management. Before Zenopt we worked to improve WFM processes and finding ways to automate planning and utilizing forecasts in shift creation.

The idea of workforce optimization is fairly easy; just match the shifts to the workload. In reality however, it gets pretty complicated. There is an incredible amount of constraints and targets to be met; from union agreements to employees skills, holidays, wishes, contracted hours and further to different kinds of flex models and balancing periods. And the forecasted workload is different each day. We tried to find existing solutions for the problem but after extensive searching and testing it turned out that the existing software could not do what was needed.

To bring a solution to the market, we founded Zenopt.

We combined our experience from retail, workforce planning, software development and optimization with the latest technologies. The Zenopt software can now handle the complexity of workforce planning and make efficient shifts taking into account the all the constraints and targets involved. With a click of a button.

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